There is no such thing as too much on a burger!

I’m sitting here about 3 hours ago, my sister in law and her husband came by with some Mongolian bbq for my wife and I. It was fabulous!!
The only down side is that I’m hungry again.
I saw an ad for a burger that was weak. By that I mean with all the crazy burgers that are available out there, why would you promote a burger with the stuff on it that you get from the backyard bbq at your parents house?
I got into the food business by going to a culinary school. But I smoked too much pot in those days and I couldn’t afford to sit in a classroom and still have the life I liked. I wanted to be a chef but I didn’t agree with the instructors and I liked pot.
My first cook job then was with this guy who owned a fish and chips joint in San Bernardino. What a great guy he was. He taught me how to fry fish at a high rate of speed and have a great time doing it.
From there, I went on to work for several burger joints and coffee shops working my way to the place that I could keep up with the heavy hitters.
The most fun I had then and even in the country club/hotel scene was making gluttonous burgers. On my break as a cook, I could eat anything I want as long as it wasn’t real expensive.
I made these burgers with everything like pulled pork, Cole slaw, fried eggs, extra cheese, French fries, tortilla chips, salsa, jalapeños, refried beans, etc. I loved it and since I was skinny as a rail, I didn’t care what I ate as long as it tasted good.
I’ve had friends tell me what kind of burgers they were used to eating. At one of the clubs I was at, we had a special burger that was on the menu for the entire week. Some of the members ordered the additions described above and added fried chicken, nachos and more.
You know, I’ve worked in some really stressful kitchens and in order to lessen the stress, we would talk crap and tease each other but when we cooked for us, we ate some of the most greasy, heart attack producing foods that you can imagine. No wonder I have stomach issues today. There was no keto or paleo or Atkins in those days. We pigged out! It was great!! We worked our butts off and played really hard.
This didn’t help my hunger. I’m going to have to go downstairs and make French fries or something.

Have a great day!!