I just love spring!

For some of us, spring is here. That means there are new fruits and vegetables available at the store and the farmer’s markets. Although some of you live in the east and it is still snowy but spring is still here and in a short time, summer will be here along with corn and peaches.
I love it when the new fruits and vegetables arrive in the stores from the local farms. The stuff that comes from other countries doesn’t trip my trigger like the local stuff.
I remember when I was a kid and it was difficult to get oranges at Christmastime and how excited I would get when the strawberries became ripe in May. It was a whole different food world. We would go to the store and I would get to taste the fresh, ripe fruits. It was awesome!
I grew up in China Lake, CA in the middle of the Mojave Desert. We had two seasons, hot and cold. Although when the wildflowers bloomed in the spring, and they were beautiful. There were a lot of people there who grew all kinds of fruits. We had peaches, apricots, plums, mulberries, nectarines and apples to choose from. My friends and I knew which houses had the best fruit and we would ask to pick some. I climbed fruited mulberry trees and would eat the berries until I got a stomach ache. It was a good time and I think it was the best place to grow up anywhere.
When I was in high school, I needed an elective and I chose home economics because there were girls in the class. Little did I know that it would be the precursor for my career. The teacher’s name was Mrs Novascone. I really liked the class and she told me that I might have a chance of getting into the culinary field if I played my cards right. She showed me who the world’s greatest chef at the time was. I was enthralled and wanted to know more. I had previously decided I wanted to be a marine biologist but after her class, I decided I wanted to be a chef. The rest is history.
Today, when this time of the year comes about, I remember those days and go out and find some of the fruits that I had when I was a kid. There is a fruited mulberry tree on the golf course where I play and some of the other golfers get upset that my cart sits on the fairway with me in the tree eating the fruit. Some things never change.
I have expanded my fruit and vegetable tastes to exotic stuff like dragon fruit, passion fruit and a whole lot more. I love Asian cuisine and rustic American cuisine. I like cruising the markets here looking for ingredients that I can add to my menu. It’s so exciting.
I started this entry to share how much I like the seasons coming up but it turned into a little reflection of where I came from and what I used to love to do. Don’t get me wrong, I played baseball, swam and hung out with my friends but the fruit trees were something I looked forward to every year.
Have yourself a great weekend and have some adventure in whatever you’re creating!