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Bad experiences don’t always have to be bad

Have you ever had a party at your house and you’ve cooked an awesome dish that you know everybody will rave about and at the last minute you find out that it didn’t turn out? Bad experiences don’t always have to be bad. There is hope.

I’ve had that happen a couple of times. Something went completely haywire and it was a disaster. It’s embarrassing and expensive if you have to order out after paying for what your flop.

I personally don’t normally use recipes. Most of the food I prepare is something I’ve seen pictures of in a magazine or saw on a buffet and used the ideas behind what they have in it and modified it; with the exception of baked goods. If you don’t follow the recipe for baked goods, there are serious consequences. I’ve had many of those.

Some of the problem with recipes is that when the person writes it, they are guessing what they put in it or hoping it’s correct. Or in the case of the people from the TV food shows, they have somebody else writing the recipe and it usually doesn’t work. I really wanted a recipe to work that I got off of a TV chef’s website but it didn’t, so I had to improvise. They may or may not have made what is in the recipe before and are putting in ingredients that sound good or are fillers. If I was one of those chefs, I wouldn’t put my name on it unless I tried it and it worked. It’s one thing to have a following but it’s still another to have something happen and you need to make a change and your track record isn’t so good in the recipe department. Then, of course, there is the “okay, I don’t use a recipe. How can I do this and have it turn out good” thing.

I know there are cooks out there that don’t know how to cook and are hoping that what they are trying to cook turns out good. In a lot of cases, it doesn’t, they end up getting crushed and don’t want to try it again. There are cooks who aren’t afraid of making a mistake and cover it up with some kind of sauce.

Then, there are ingredients like salsa or salt. These are the preference of the cook. If you want your dish hot, make it hot. You can always make a cucumber salad to go along with it. Cucumber and cilantro tame the heat in dishes. If you make a salsa and it’s too hot, put more cilantro or cucumber in it and the problem is solved. If you over salt something, you can add potatoes to soak it up or even lemon juice in small quantities.
Lemon juice will actually accent the flavor and make it more pronounced in a sauce.

I’ve read blogs where the writer is a self proclaimed, self taught chef. They come from left field and note that they write recipes where the reader, who may or may not have any cooking experience, may try the dish and hopefully it turns out the way they had hoped for. That’s scary, in my opinion. I wouldn’t want to be a cook who is super excited about preparing something for a party and have it turn out a disaster.

This is one of the reasons I wanted to write a blog about food and what I like and how I like to prepare it. It may sound like I’m tooting my own horn; maybe I am or maybe not. I just hate having people tell me that they got a recipe from a trusted source and it was a lemon.

If there is some dish you want to try out and haven’t a clue how to prepare it, ask me. I am willing to help you all I can. I want you to feel comfortable in your kitchen with preparations that you believe are awesome and others tell you they are! So I’m going to share some of my knowledge so that you truly feel that way.

Have a great day and bon appetit!!!