Eat more burgers!!

When I’m hungry for a burger, I think of what I really want. I usually want a preformed patty that comes in a freezer pack but sometimes I want to start with a patty that I created with anything in it like bleu cheese, dried onions, scallions, garlic, tarragon, steak sauce and much more. A patty that I have created at that very moment to satisfy a craving that can’t be satisfied with anything bought from the store. I don’t know if you have the same dilemma but every once in a while, I need something different.
There is a lot of emphasis on “the perfect burger” lately and I think it’s a little weird since every year; the tv food channels try to outdo what they did the year before. It’s kind of like some of the companies that have new engineers or designers that want to add something to a product that already works where they think it would be much better if it had an alarm or a different basket. Our dishwasher is one of those items that some new designer thought it would be a good idea to put a beeper to let you know when the dishes are ready. For the life of us, we cannot get the thing turned off. Annoying!
We have been modifying burgers for years. In the 70’s we put eggs, pastrami and Cole slaw on them to name a few. These people put French fries on them-that was done years ago-and add bbq sauce. As the years went by, there was always some new restaurant opening up that had a twist on the burger that brought people eout from miles away to try. There’s always something that is getting added to the already perfect meal.
So, now that we can breathe again, the classic burger is a very simple serving of deliciousness. Whether served on a homemade bun or a store bought bun, it’s totally wonderful either way but I prefer the homemade variety. Clean out the extra bread and stuff it with all kinds of goodies on a home made patty stuffed with dried onions, green leaf lettuce, sauerkraut, French fried onions, thick red onion and 1000 island dressing. That will do for tonight. Tomorrow, I may want to stuff it with soy chorizo and go in a different direction. Either way it’s all yum!

Bon appetit and have a great day!!